Friday, 4 September 2009

A week today...

So a week today I will be hopefully sitting in the chemo chair for the very last time! To be honest it can't come quick enough, this year has been god damm long so far and not very exciting. Bored of being sensible, bored of hospitals, bored of being stuck in the house, bored of having no motivation, bored of being moody, bored of not working, bored, bored bored bored bored!

Don't expect to feel miraculously better when its all over but at least I wont have to go to the hospital every two weeks to get pumped full of drugs, and energy/motivation levels should come back and stay back instead of getting knocked back down again. Hopefully once I return from holiday then I can start to get things back to normal, go to the gym, have a curry, go to the cinema, go out to the pub propably, go away for the weekend...just some of the things on my 'To do when I feel better list!'. Its all uncharted territory though so we will have to see.

How slow/fast can a week go, we shall see.


  1. Brighton is still on the list I hope!!!!!!!!

    Go to the pub probably!!! That's a definite and a well deserved!! There will more then 1 curry!!!! And the last time you took me to the cinema it was the longest film EVER (but very good!!!)

    So proud of you babes... your so nearly there!!

    Can't wait for our holiday 4 WEEKS to go... oh and I don't mind if you forget your camera!!!

  2. Ahhhhh so excited for you love!! Am sure you'll be able to enjoy life to the max again very soon - my energy came back pretty quickly. very jealous of your holiday too - the photos looked awesome!!! xxxx