Sunday, 28 June 2009

Jaffa Cakes!

Second part of cycle 5 on Tuesday. All went ok. Felt very sick and tired in the evening but that was all. ABVD Cycle 5 - DONE!

Had another jewellery making session over the next few days. Then on Friday I made Jaffa Cakes, what a per larva...they were really nice but a bit of a nightmare to make, it wasn't as easy as they made it look on TV! Went down the pub in the evening to catch up with everyone which was nice.

Have been trying to go out on my bike a bit, seeing as the weather has been nice and it feels good to do a bit of exercise, granted I don't go far and it is bloody hard but it makes me feel better that I am doing something.
Had a photography lesson on Wednesday - thanks Karen. It was a lovely day so we went out side to take photos. Did a little exercise around the village, where by you can't adjust the lens of the camera, so to get interesting shots you have to get in close to things or bend down, stand up etc. It was fun and helped me realise there are so many shots out there!

Had a good weekend, filled with pubs and BBQ's.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Girlie Night and an Evening at the Races.

Have had a pretty productive week making jewellery. Have been making stuff for friends and family as well as for my aunts stall. Really enjoy doing it and now even have my own set of purple sparkling tools! In terms of side effects from chemotherapy I haven't really had any apart from feeling tired but that is it.

Friday night we went out for a girls night which was a really good laugh.

Monday evening we went to the races at Windsor to see Fixation and Kaijai race. It was a lovely evening and I managed to get some good photos.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Little Bit of Strawberry Fairness!

Second of June and the start of cycle 5. It was mum's birthday yesterday so she brought in some chocolates for the nurses which went down well. Chemotherapy went ok. Saw my Dr and we discussed holidays, I asked how long I needed to wait before I went off for a holiday. He said 3 - 4 weeks and that Turkey was an ok destination, so now I can look at some and hopefully book something to look forward to.

The next day I didn't feel too bad so spent the morning with Bean and got some snaps of Freddy.

Saturday was Strawberry Fair, the day started off with the weather not being that great but it brightened up in the afternoon and I managed to catch the sun on my face. It was a great day with live music, a few ciders and a nosey around the stalls. Had a lovely day and evening...managed to last until about midnight!