Friday, 28 August 2009

What a Relief!

What with the delights of modern technology I had to wait a little longer for my scan results than I had expected, but I got them this morning. The results are good, the scan is 'clear' but not completely negative, the radiologist remarked that he doesn't think there is any active Hodgkin's presents...However there are always quirks! There are some areas of uptake which the radiologist referred to as 'brown fat'. Apparently some people, not many, have these active areas of brown fat which can show up on PET scans. Other indications that the cancer has gone are that there are no active areas in the lymph nodes or in the area that was a concern on the chest x-ray. My consultant also remarked that my lymph nodes had reduced in size from my last CT scan...all good signs.

I also had another bit of good news over the past few days...I entered the lymphoma association's photography competition 'Look at Life Differently' and although my photo wasn't in the top twelve entries they want to use my photograph on the back of their calender! This is it below. To see the winning entries click here.

It is funny how things happen, On Monday I changed my 'count down to last chemo' at the bottom of my page to 2 weeks, a day early! From today it really is two weeks...roll on the 11th September now!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Thanks Dr for buggering up my Weekend!

Well as with all good things they do come to an end! Chemotherapy didn't quite go as planned today. Went in as normal, saw my consultant and then waited for him to review my chest x-ray which I have at the beginning of every cycle. We waited and waited, then the Dr came back and said that he had just noticed a radiologists remark on the previous cycles chest x-ray, I don't understand all the medical jargon but basically an enlarged lymph node in the right side of my chest - possibly an indication that things aren't as stable as they seem. My Dr did say that he couldn't see any difference between the chest x-rays but he isn't a radiologist. So wanted to get it checked out. Chemotherapy was cancelled for the day and I am scheduled in for an emergency PET scan on Thursday. If the result comes back negative which he suspects, then I will have chemo on Friday...which buggers up my beer festival weekend. If it comes back and shows something then we have to revert to plan B.

Friday, 21 August 2009

A Better Second Week

Had a quiet week following chemotheraphy this time...just felt too whacked to do anything really. But I did have a much better second week. Wednesday I popped down to see Jen and RoRo. Rowan had his second photo shoot! Bit of excitement to the end of the day...Verity took Harvey out for a walk in the evening and when she came back said she had seen a snake! We all went back to the place where she had seen it to try and find it again, but nothing there. I walked a bit further along the bank and at the bottom of the ditch I saw it, it heard me shouting to Mum and V and quickly slithered up the other side of the bank so I only saw it for a few seconds...not long enough to capture it on the camera!

Friday was a good day too, caught up with some friends and then went out in the evening for Lucie and Ed's leaving due. First time I had been out in the evening for about a month. Friday was definitely a good day!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Its All About Raising Awareness

Hopefully some of you will be reading this, because of the emails I have sent, facebook messages I have sent or from me posting this on forums. I am starting to realise what a valuable tool the Internet is, especially for people affected by cancer at a younger age, as it is such a part of our lives.

Check out the blogs I am following too.


ABVD - Cycle 7, Day 15 - nearly DONE!

Sitting here writing this while having chemotherapy, the days of modern technology! Typically it is a beautiful day outside!

Saw my consultant as he was back from his holiday. Discussed my fatigue - it is quite debilitating, no matter how much sleep I get I am still tired, and I haven't been doing much at all, don't know when the last time was I went out in the evening to the pub! The Dr said it is a know side effect of ABVD and it does become more prevalent the more cycles you have. He said within 2 months of finishing I should have my energy levels back. I have been doing a bit of reading on the lymphoma website and one of the things I came across was about getting the flu vacine. I asked him if I should have it this year and he said that yes that would be a good idea. Talked about whether I would have any other treatment after chemotherapy, basically it depends what the PET scan shows, and what type of remission I am in, but in all likely hood the chemotherphy will be it - fingers and toes crossed. Discussed a bit about 'if the cancer came back', which is of course is always at the back of my mind and always will be, he said we would discuss percentages after the final PET scan but did say that the odds were on my side. Chatted a bit about the treatment I would recieve if the cancer came back, basically it depends, if and when and where it manifests itself, but the end result would probably be more intense chemotherapy.
Cancer forever more will be in my life, like it or lump it!

ABVD Cycle 2, Day 15 - nearly DONE (just dacarbazine to go)!
7 weeks and 4 days until HOLIDAY!
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Who Do You Think You Are?

The first few days after chemotherapy this time I felt rubbish, really really tired and sick! Spent the days in bed feeling sorry for myself. Friday was V's birthday, 20!!! So we went out for Prezzo's for lunch, still felt pretty rubbish to be honest but did manage to eat a bit, was pretty quiet and not much fun so sorry V. Slept for most of Friday afternoon and then had pancakes for tea, have been craving them for some reason.

Friday night I had a really disturbed night and woke up feeling very flu like - the side effects of the PEG injection. Had a whole day of Prison Break!!! Well actually not the whole day, Mum got the family tree out in the afternoon and we became absorbed in that - even missed Big Brother! Finally by bed time the sickness had subsided.

Sunday was a vast improvement, no sickness, hot flushes, aches or pains - think the PEG has finally kicked in. Monday I had back pain all day, but I think it was a result of it being that time of the month not lymphoma related, although it did bring back flash backs of the times before I got diagnosed when I was in excruciating pain.

Have spent most of last week being consumed by the family tree, it is very interesting! Our very own Who Do You Think You Are? If history was like this at school I might have liked it! And have been trying to fit in the odd bike ride, steroids don't do anything for your figure, and I have a holiday to prepare for! Met up with Sarah who is swanning off to Italy for a month, very jealous - Italy is defiantly on my 'things to do when I feel better list', have never been and have always wanted to go, everybody raves about it!

Saturday I went to watch Leanne's friend race at Snetterton Race Circuit, managed to get some good photos and the caramel shortcakes went down a storm. We had to do our own bit of rally driving to get there in time! J came second - well done!

BTW - have now finished Prison Break season 3 and need another new box set to start - done all of Lost and 24, any suggestions?!