Tuesday, 11 August 2009

ABVD - Cycle 7, Day 15 - nearly DONE!

Sitting here writing this while having chemotherapy, the days of modern technology! Typically it is a beautiful day outside!

Saw my consultant as he was back from his holiday. Discussed my fatigue - it is quite debilitating, no matter how much sleep I get I am still tired, and I haven't been doing much at all, don't know when the last time was I went out in the evening to the pub! The Dr said it is a know side effect of ABVD and it does become more prevalent the more cycles you have. He said within 2 months of finishing I should have my energy levels back. I have been doing a bit of reading on the lymphoma website and one of the things I came across was about getting the flu vacine. I asked him if I should have it this year and he said that yes that would be a good idea. Talked about whether I would have any other treatment after chemotherapy, basically it depends what the PET scan shows, and what type of remission I am in, but in all likely hood the chemotherphy will be it - fingers and toes crossed. Discussed a bit about 'if the cancer came back', which is of course is always at the back of my mind and always will be, he said we would discuss percentages after the final PET scan but did say that the odds were on my side. Chatted a bit about the treatment I would recieve if the cancer came back, basically it depends, if and when and where it manifests itself, but the end result would probably be more intense chemotherapy.
Cancer forever more will be in my life, like it or lump it!

ABVD Cycle 2, Day 15 - nearly DONE (just dacarbazine to go)!
7 weeks and 4 days until HOLIDAY!
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  1. Hayley
    Your Mum put me on to your blog - she and your sister came to my book launch on Friday. It was lovely to meet them, as up until then we had only been in touch via email.
    I love your photos! You really have an eye and should keep it up. I know how much pleasure photography brings me.
    Hope to meet you soon as well
    best wishes, Sally Page x