Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mum and Dad are officially mad!!!

Yes Mum and Dad are officially mad! They are doing a triathlon consisting of a 1K swim, 40K bike ride and to top it off a 10K run, all to raise a substantial amount for the Lymphoma Association. I used the Lymphoma Association a lot last year and it is slowly becoming the Benhams mission to raise as much money as we can for the association, as they rely solely on voluntary contributions.

The Lymphoma Association are a great source of information, support and comfort for those affected by lymphoma and their friends, families and carers. Lymphoma Association is the only specialist UK charity that provides accurate medical information and support to lymphatic cancer patients, their families, friends and carers.Lymphoma Association is the only specialist UK charity that provides accurate medical information and support to lymphatic cancer patients, their families, friends and carers.

If you would like to sponsor them please click here. Thank You for your continuing support.

Mum and Dad are doing their own triathlon so there aren't going to be supporters lining the road. SO if you are free on the morning of Sunday 12th September, I am sure mum and dad would appreciate a few cheers on route and some friendly faces at the finish, which will be at home. Email me on and I will give you more details.

Mum and Dad - think you are defiantly going above and beyond the call of duty here! But what you are doing is incredible and you are definitely an inspiration. Your love and support, as always, but in particular last year was fantastic. Best of luck on the day, I'll be there. Love Hayley Xxx

The Tea Party is Back!

Following the success of last year when we raised over £1200 we are inviting you all again to come and join us for a cuppa and a slice of cake to help raise money for the Lymphoma Association.
The tea party is on 19th September 2010, from 3pm - 5pm at the Hinxworth Village Hall.
We are holding our tea party during Lymphoma Awareness Week to help raise awareness of the most common cancer in the under 30year age group; but yet we know so little about.
It is an open invitation so please bring along, friends, family, neighbours, the cat next door...whoever you like! Hope to see you there!
Hayley Xx
Ps. If you would like to help donate a cake or raffle prize then please contact me.

Monday, 26 July 2010

A Whole Load of Running!

On the 11th July 2010, Rebecca, Jen (Becka's sister), Jana and I took part in the London 10K run. All the training paid off and I completed the run in 1 hour 1 minute and 15 seconds, (with a loo stop!). If i hadn't stopped for the toilet I would have been on target, I think, for under an hour. The rest of the girls were just behind me. I would like to say it was enjoyable, but it was bloody hard work in the sun and heat. It was slightly worrying on the way around because I saw several people had collapsed on the side of the road and were receiving medical treatment. It was however, a great feeling to cross the finishing line at Whithall, and seeing my Mum and Dad stood there watching where I had watched the girls just the year before, in the middle of treatment.

To see the professional photos click here. I recieved a lovely email today from Lymphoma Association.

'We have now received a brilliant £1042.44 for which we are truly grateful.'

A really amazing amount and I would like to say a Big Thank You to everyone for their support. The sponsorship page is open until October so feel free...>;0 )

I have to say I didn't suffer too badly on the Monday, my legs were still functioning but I was tired!

This Sunday I took part in Race for Life, in Bedford, I know more running, but that is it for now! The first year I have actually participated, although last year I did go to watch Mum, Jill and Verity. This was the first year we were all going to do it together. Mum, Verity and I completed the 5K in just over 27 minutes and Jill finished 10 minutes ahead of her time last year. A pat on the back for all of us. It was defiantly more enjoyable than the 10K and the atmosphere was really inspirational.

Mum, Verity and I decided not to ask for sponsorship this year as we are doing a few fundraising events already this year, but if you would like to donate to the cause please visit Jill's Just Giving page.

I also went for a check up during the week, to see my consultant. He was really pleased with my progress, and said I looked really well. He was impressed with my running efforts! Bloods were all OK, although it still took a while for my veins to play ball, but it gave me chance to catch up with the nurses. Next check up due in November.

Off to NY in a few days for my sisters 21st birthday, a short break in the big city CAN NOT WAIT!

Hope your all well. X

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bit of a Set Back

Hi just thought I would update the blog, seeing as I have a bit of time on my hands and I feel I should be doing something! Unfortunately I have had to have this week off work due to a serve throat infection, which doesn't sound that bad but has knocked me for six. Maybe my body is not as invincible as it feels! It all started on Sunday and today (Thursday) is the first day I have felt able to do anything apart from lying on the couch infront of the TV! I guess now the antibiotics are kicking in and will be back at work on Monday.
I have been reading The C-Word by Lisa Lynch, Lisa Lynch writes the blog Alright Tit, which I discovered while I was ill last year. 'The C-Word is an unflinchingly honest and darkly humorous account of Lisa's battle with The Bullshit, as she came to call it. From the good days when she could almost pretend it wasn't happening, to the bad days, when she couldn't bear to wake up, Lisa's story is emotional, heartbreaking and often hilarious. The C-Word will make you laugh and cry, and ultimately reaffirm your faith in life.' - Amazon 2010. I have really enjoyed reading it, admire her honesty and love the way the book can make you laugh despite the subject of cancer.

I have now become a 'Buddy' for the Lymphoma Association. The Buddy scheme offers the opportunity for people affected by lymphoma to talk with someone over the telephone who has had a similar experience. The lymphoma association do their best to match up buddies so the number of calls you get, might not be frequent but hopefully when a call is set up you will be in a position to help, and advise as best you can. I atteneded a Buddy Training day at the LA's offices in Aylesbury about a month of so ago now. It was very intense but highly beneficial, and it was lovely to actually meet some of the team face to face. They do a fabulous job, are highly dedicated and such lovely a BIG THANK YOU to them for all the work they do.

Training is going well for the 10K run I am running in July! I have really chuffed with myself and am on target to run it in under an hour!! If you would like to sponsor me please click on the link below:

Any donation however big or small, really does make a difference. So please please sponsor me, even if just the price of a pint of beer!

Seems a shame to break away from tradition so here are some photos I have taken recently!

Friday, 2 April 2010

London 10K Run

Last year a group of friends ran the London 10K run and raised a fantastic amount, click on this link to see their sponsorship page.

After the 10K Run last year.
This year I am going to be running it, along with a couple of friends. If you would like to sponsor us then please visit our sponsorship page. Thanks.

Have been starting to train in the gym and now the evenings are getting lighter and hopefully the weather is improving, I should be able to start running outside. Watch this space!

Happy Easter everyone! I get to eat chocolate again today :) mini eggs here I come!