Monday, 26 July 2010

A Whole Load of Running!

On the 11th July 2010, Rebecca, Jen (Becka's sister), Jana and I took part in the London 10K run. All the training paid off and I completed the run in 1 hour 1 minute and 15 seconds, (with a loo stop!). If i hadn't stopped for the toilet I would have been on target, I think, for under an hour. The rest of the girls were just behind me. I would like to say it was enjoyable, but it was bloody hard work in the sun and heat. It was slightly worrying on the way around because I saw several people had collapsed on the side of the road and were receiving medical treatment. It was however, a great feeling to cross the finishing line at Whithall, and seeing my Mum and Dad stood there watching where I had watched the girls just the year before, in the middle of treatment.

To see the professional photos click here. I recieved a lovely email today from Lymphoma Association.

'We have now received a brilliant £1042.44 for which we are truly grateful.'

A really amazing amount and I would like to say a Big Thank You to everyone for their support. The sponsorship page is open until October so feel free...>;0 )

I have to say I didn't suffer too badly on the Monday, my legs were still functioning but I was tired!

This Sunday I took part in Race for Life, in Bedford, I know more running, but that is it for now! The first year I have actually participated, although last year I did go to watch Mum, Jill and Verity. This was the first year we were all going to do it together. Mum, Verity and I completed the 5K in just over 27 minutes and Jill finished 10 minutes ahead of her time last year. A pat on the back for all of us. It was defiantly more enjoyable than the 10K and the atmosphere was really inspirational.

Mum, Verity and I decided not to ask for sponsorship this year as we are doing a few fundraising events already this year, but if you would like to donate to the cause please visit Jill's Just Giving page.

I also went for a check up during the week, to see my consultant. He was really pleased with my progress, and said I looked really well. He was impressed with my running efforts! Bloods were all OK, although it still took a while for my veins to play ball, but it gave me chance to catch up with the nurses. Next check up due in November.

Off to NY in a few days for my sisters 21st birthday, a short break in the big city CAN NOT WAIT!

Hope your all well. X

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