Thursday, 24 September 2009


Went back to the hospital yesterday hopefully for the last time for a little while. I went to have my port removed. Ended up spending quite a lot of time at the hospital because I was last on the list! The actual procedure to remove it was very quick, I was in and out of theatre in half an hour. Had a small sedative to relax me! Then went into theatre, had a screen put up around my face so I couldn't see what was going on but could feel some tugging and pulling as they removed it. It didn't hurt, it is just the pressure you feel. Had to spend some time in recovery afterwards where they check your blood pressure. Had to wait in hospital for a while afterwards as I had an hour of intravenous antibiotics, to reduce the risk of any infection, a precaution because my blood count was so low. They kept checking my blood pressure too because it was so low! Finally left the hospital at around 2.30pm - hopefully won't be having to come back for a while - freedom!
Today my arm is a little sore and still pink from the anesthetic, it is bruising up nicely but all looks very neat and should heal in no time. It is nice to look down and see flat skin instead of the bump of the port.

9 days till holiday!!!

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