Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Start of Cycle 3 - Cheers!

Tuesday was chemo day again, this time the start of cycle 3. Saw my consultant and again he was pleased with progress. We discussed that my bad cycles could be a result of me being on my break from the pill. I seem to have a bad cycle in terms of side effects every time I am on my break. He said it is quite possible as the contraceptive pill gives you hormones which is also what the steroids do to make you not feel sick. I am going to try and take two packets together then my break won't fall in chemotherapy week and see if that makes a difference. I also asked if I was allowed to drink, as in alcohol because I now haven't drunk for 3 months and I wouldn't mind a glass on vino! He said yes but stressed the difference between a glass and a bottle!

Didn't feel to bad after chemo this time around and managed to catch up with some friends during the week. Have also started doing Wii Fit which is really fun and ideal for me as it is a gentle form of exercise. Went down to the pub on Friday night to have my 'glass of wine', which did turn into a few! Note to Dr a few glasses not bottles! Then Saturday night had a take away with a few friends, although again I couldn't indulge in a take away due to risk of food poisoning so I just had a Nann!
Wednesday was another mile stone, decided to drive over to my aunt's house, the first time I have driven since about the end of January. Just hadn't felt I had the concentration. Think I will be OK just doing little journeys in the day know. Spent the after with my aunt making jewellery, another little hobby I have acquired!

Friday I went out with the girls to Pizza Express we had a really nice meal, bottle of wine and after dinner liquors! Popped to the pub afterwards and stayed out till 1am! See photos below.

Below Below - Some of the Gang; Below right - Sis and I; Below left - the Girls.

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