Monday, 6 April 2009

So Much for an Easy Cycle!

Well the feeling good through the last cycle wasn't to be this time around! Woke up in the early hours of Wednesday morning feeling and being sick - Nice! The nausea was really bad and I basically spent the whole of Wednesday in bed, just drinking water and not eating anything. And that was repeated on Thursday - not good. Friday I though I was OK, so I ate a packet of Strawberry laces that Verity had got me - not a good idea because at midnight I was sick again! The nausea is the most horrible feeling ever, nothing seems to take it away, and the sickness is just uncontrollable - it was like something out of a Little Britain sketch!!!

By Sunday I was starting to feel better and managing to eat plain things. I even made some Sticky Toffee cupcakes in the afternoon which are yummy. Just as I am starting to feel better Dad has a cold, so have to try and steer clear of him so I don't get infected!

The second week has definitely been better and I have managed to do stuff, even managed the pub Friday and Saturday night - rebel! Didn't come any where in the Grand National as per usual. The rest of the weekend was spent sorting out my Australia photos, I am finally getting around to getting them printed and put in an album! Only 6 months after having returned.

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