Saturday, 30 May 2009

A cold :0(

After starting off the week all productive with card and jewellery making, it ended in a cold! Friday woke up really bunged up and feeling s**t! On the plus side managed to get a far amount of 24 watched, working myself through the box sets! Felt better on Sunday and a visit from Sals and co cheered me up. It was a lovely day too, you could even say hot so we sat outside in the garden! Not one to complain about the weather but I hope it doesn't get much hotter, its not very comfortable wearing a headscarf in the heat.

The next week passed by uneventfully. Lisa had a party for her birthday on Saturday night, which I went too but was pretty whacked from the cold so didn't stay long :0( Never knew a cold could hit you so bad.

Not much else to report so some photos...

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