Monday, 4 May 2009

Babies and BBQ's

Wednesday I spent the morning with Charlene and baby Freddie - went to the park and everything, Freddy can't fail to put a smile on your face - he is just such a dude. And then on Friday I met baby Rowan, just a few week old! He was so cute and we didn't hear a sound from him throughout the meal!

Saturday night had a BBQ with some mates - not to be repeated, had a bit of a dodgy stomach after that one and was sick the next day - nice!!! Obviously BBQ food is another food I have to avoid, along with takeaways, soft cheese, pate and sushi! Can't wait to have a take out curry and go for Chinese once this is all over!

Spoke to my Dr and he said he suspected strongly it was the BBQ food - BBQ's are the most common cause of food poisoning apparently and he advised I have lots of milk, apparently it is good for stomach bugs! Not the best preparation for my PET scan on Tuesday.

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