Friday, 24 July 2009

Tired, Tired, Tired

Saw my consultant today as he was going on holiday Saturday so I wouldn't be able to see him at chemo on Tuesday. He said my heart echo was all clear, as he expected, he said it in a load of medical jargon but basically my heart is still beating away ok!

Told him about my extreme tiredness. The last couple of weeks I haven't really done a lot at all because I have felt so tired and lethargic (bloody missing a night out tonight because of it, hope you have fun people!). The other afternoon I ended up sleeping for 2 hours in the middle of the afternoon. He said he didn't think it was the lymphoma coming back because I had none of the other symptoms ie. lumps, sweats or itchy skin. He suggested it might be an a cumulative effect of the chemotherapy as I have had my fair dose now, 6 cycles, 12 treatments...only 4 more to go! He said he would take a rain check on it in a couple of weeks.

We ended up being back home by 10.00am as our appointment had been at 8.20am, haven't got up that early for a long time! On the way there we were ahead of the commuters!

Made some fudge, white chocolate and oat biscuits to occupy myself for the rest of the morning. The recipe made a load but they are gorgeous so I am sure we will manage to get through them! Also rang around a few insurance companies about travel insurance, managed to find insure cancer who will hopefully insure me but it wont be cheap and they can only do the paperwork 4 weeks before you travel.

With the travel insurance kind of sorted I booked the holiday. So from the 3rd October to 10th October, Leanne and I will be here...

...sipping cocktails by the pool!

It is a place called Kalkan in Turkey -

'Nestled between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean, Kalkan harbour is a sophisticated town combining all your holiday needs – history, culture, entertainment, rest and relaxation. The town boasts an array of sophisticated restaurants, boutique hotels and elegant rooftop bars in the evening, while in the day visitors can choose from a range of nearby beach clubs or vast stretches of white beaches in nearby Patara' - Tapestry Collection Website.

10 weeks Saturday and counting!

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  1. mmmmmmmmmm god those biscuits look gorge - shall most likely be making them myself!! don't worry about the tiredness - i was crawling into bed for naps after my 3rd cycle of chemo which is pretty pathetic! the energy will come roaring back once you finish. :) xx