Sunday, 12 July 2009

Girlies Run the 10k

Ascot yesterday and London today. Dad and I went up to watch Leanne, Lucie, Becka, Helen and Nicola ran the London 10km run for the Lymphoma Association. All in all they raised over £1800, an awesome amount. They came in just over an hour, which was really good, made me very proud. They all did really well. It was a lovely day, nice and sunny and I enjoyed walking around London as well as watching the race.

The weekend ended on an adrenaline high. At about 8 ish the phone rang, it was our neighbour saying the field was on fire. Went outside and it was, the sound was immense. The fire brigade had been called and arrived pretty promptly, in fact it wasn't just one fire engine that arrived...three did! The fire wasn't that big but the firemen said if the field hadn't been set aside the whole thing would have gone up - scary. What a way to end the weekend!

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