Monday, 23 February 2009

The Time Between Chemo

  • Thursday I had my first introduction to sickness, woke up at 5am feeling nauseous and swiftly put my travel bands on, managed to get back to sleep for a few hours before I woke up again, this time it was nothing ginger nuts couldn't cure (a Jill tip!). Spent the afternoon making a drugs chart, to try and keep up with all the tablets I have to take and when, I have a basket of pills!!! Appetite has certainly been better, being on the steroids.

  • Friday had to go back to the hospital to have some bloods taken just to see how my body was responding to chemotherapy, its just this time I have to go back to the hospital as its the first treatment, after that I can just go to the GP for bloods which is closer. The run down to the hospital was OK dispute the snowfall the night before. Got perscribed more medication, more sickness tablets, stuff in case I got mouth ulcers because my mouth was starting to get tingly and constipation sachets! (some of the tablets bung you up!) Bit more of a disappointing day as I had to sleep again in the afternoon, but I did feel better in the evening (Leanne popped around and we pigged out on chocs!). My temperature although it rose a bit. wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been. Thank god the temperatures have seemed to have stopped.

  • Saturday (Valentine's day) I went down to the pub in the evening to see friends, felt like ages since I have been out, was nice to be out and about, they all made me laugh! Didn't stay out too long as got very tired...and everyone was getting too drunk, hehe, its hard being sober when everyone else isn't!

  • Sunday my back started to get very stiff again. I not suppose to take Diclofenic anymore with the chemotherapy drugs so I think that is why my back pain has returned! Rang my consultant about my back pain as the GP wasn't very sympathetic and arranged an appointment for Tuesday. A gentleman in the village popped around in the afternoon to give me a genealogy lesson, mum was hooked instantly and starter her family tree on, it is quite addictive, haven't quite got the concentration for it yet though.

  • Monday night was another restless night, was in quite a bit of pain with my back and stomach cramps. Went over to the hospital Tuesday morning, and saw my consultant. Felt very emotional in the car, its seems I can't wake up without something being wrong, felt sick in the car too which wasn't nice. Saw my consultant, he said the lump on my thigh had gone down already which was amazing, he thought the back pain was the lymphoma flaring up as the chemo was fighting it and prescribed me some pain killers. The rash on my skin could be a reaction to the Bleomycin or because my immune systems was low, so antibiotics for that, going to have to redo the drug chart! Also got some tablets for my stomach cramps! I asked about my bone marrow results and he thought he would get them later that day, but he suspected it would be in my marrow. Came away with mixed feeling, yet more drugs and wondering what the implications were if it was in my bone marrow.

The day ended better though, finally got my new camera out to play with it, its awesome and my Dr rang while I was asleep to say my bone marrow was clear, yippee one bit of good news!

Spent the rest of the week playing with my camera, and had a photography lesson, doing the family tree and shopping (even out shopped Leanne, a sign of more energy)!

Monday I had made an appointment to have my hair cut short at the hairdressers, I thought it was the best thing to do as I know I couldn't bare pulling long strands out...Can't say I like it but people have said it suits me...We will see it probably wont last long.

So that was the two weeks between first chemotherapy and the second, hopefully we will be able to get the sickness undercontrol so I don't feel sick pretty much the whole time!

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  1. Definitely a sign of more energy being able to out shop a shopaholic!!! haha xx