Saturday, 7 February 2009

Waiting for Chemo to Begin

The consultant had said that whatever type of lymphoma it was found I had, chemotherapy would start next week.

The days in between the first consultation and first chemotherapy session have been spent gathering as much information as possible and trying to read as much as possible in order to get my head around it all. The lymphoma association are a really good source of information.

The other battle going on is trying to keep my temperature under control, every night without fail I suffer high temperatures, ironic as it is one of the coldest February's outside and snow is on the ground. The temperatures seem to hit around dinner time and as a result I have no appetite and usually pass on dinner. Cold flannels, cold baths, ice creams nothing seemed to work! What with the temperatures and itchy skin I am finding it difficult to sleep at night and that is meaning I am sleeping more in the day.

Since my meeting with the consultant I have started having Clexane injections everyday to thin my blood because there is a risk the tumours can cause blood clots, which they obviously want to avoid. My consultant thought I could do them myself but I opted for a district nurse to come and give them to me. When the GP surgery is open I will go down there to have them everyday and on the weekends a district nurse will come to give them to me. There is a variety of techniques in giving them, I thought Mel described it well in her book, there is the dart player or the dancer (the nurse either stabs it in or punctures the skin slowly) and the firm squeeze or the gentle squeeze of the skin. They are unpleasant as they have to be given them in your stomach and the Clexane stings.

My consultant rang on Friday evening to say that the pathologist had got back to him and my Lymphoma was Hodgkin's which is what we wanted, he said I would start ABVD chemotherapy on Tuesday. Sally and Verity came to visit at the weekend which took my mind of worrying so much. Next week is the start of me getting better.

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