Monday, 2 March 2009

Look Good Feel Better and Number 1!

After the second cycle of chemotherapy I really started to notice my hair falling out. You notice these stray strands standing up and you can just pull them out so easily, and every time I run my hands through my hair 6 or 7 strands will come out.

Thursday afternoon I went to a Look Good Feel Better Day which was a really good afternoon. It is a pamper afternoon for ladies going through chemotherapy and they talked through things such as hair loss, wearing wigs and gave you a make up lesson. Before we started it was like something out of the Witches by Roal Dahl, the experts said if people wanted to take there headscarves/wigs off, feel free, then all of a sudden all these ladies started taking of their wigs, some of them I didn't even realise were wearing them, you had to laugh really!
Practiced some more photograpy at Shepworth Zoo on Friday.

Friday night I had a really bad night, was thinking about my hair coming out, my mouth was sore and I was agitated. In the morning I went down to use some of the medicated mouth wash I had been described - it was horrible, its like thick aniseed wallpaper paste, that you have to wash around you mouth and hold for as long as you can bare! Soup and chocolate moose were on the agenda for lunch because I couldn't eat anything else!

Slightly obsessive about loosing my hair, can't stop brushing it, just want it out now. Have stopped washing my hair so much as I can't bare it coming out everywhere in the shower. Monday afternoon had had enough and one of our friends came over to shave my hair off. She was great made no fuss and just did it, felt much better afterwards and I had joined the cancer club!

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